City of Zagreb (Croatia) – Pilot city

City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development is responsible for following scope of work: energetic and planning of energy development; heating energy and continuously ensuring making of distribution of heat energy; energy efficiency in directly consumption; market of gas and development his system on the city’s area; sustainable development; renewable energy sources; ecological acceptable fuel; environment protection; air protection; water protection; management of waste; protection from noise; maintaining of administrative buildings, installations, equipment and device. The City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development has 120 employees.
The responsibilities of the City of Zagreb include preparatory work, in terms of definition of project’s requirements, data collection and transformation and proper preparation of the pilots. The City of Zagreb should adapt the existing tools and methods for energy efficincy storm water management and also exchange practices and experiences. Also the City of Zagreb should take part in dissemination and awareness activities developing an inventive Communication and Dissemination Plan and organizing opendays, conferences and workshops.