E²STORMED Final Conference: from the project to the future!

On Thursday May 28th 2015 Circolo dei Lettori in Torino (Italy) hosted the Final meeting of E²STORMED project, a satellite initiative of the European Green Week 2015 organized by the Grana and Maira Valleys Mountain Community.

2015-05-28 11.29.48

The Conference focused on the main results in the application of the E²STORMED Decision Support Tool (DST). This software – developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), in cooperation with the University of Abertay Dundee (UK) – supports the decision-making process in urban storm-water management. It was tested in six pilot areas by partners involved in the project: Municipality of Benaguasil (Spain), Municipality of Pisa (Italy), Local Councils’ Association (Malta), Municipality of Hersonissos (Greece), Old Royal Capital Cetinje (Montenegro) and City of Zagreb (Croatia).

After a general overview on the project, the activity of the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Pellerina City Park was presented by professor Maurizio Rosso (Politecnico di Torino) as a new model of Smart Energy Production in Turin. Success stories on sustainable storm-water management in Benaguasil, Cetinje and Pisa and the use of DST in Malta and Zagreb were also reported.

Then, during the early afternoon, the round table “Looking to the future” hosted panelists from six municipalities of E²STORMED, discussing new expectations and challenges.

2015-05-28 15.34.26

In the following days, the E2STORMED partners reached the territory of the Maira Valley for the last meeting and a technical visit to two hydroelectric plants, with the support of technicians from Maira Spa.

2015-05-30 12.01.57The first one, plant “FRERE 2″, active since November 2006, is located in the valley of the river Unerzio, in Acceglio. The intake is located above the village of Chialvetta, while the plant is in Borgata Frere. The plant uses water from the river Unerzio (average flow rate and maximum derivable are respectively 0,458 m3/s and 1,100 m3/s) to produce approximately 11 GWh per year, with a head of 369 m and capacity of 3,100 kW.

The second one, hydroelectric plant “Delle Fie Maurin”, active since 2012, is located in the valley of the Rio Maurin, in the municipality of Acceglio. It is made by a grip on the Rio (river) Maurin, a sand trap channel, a penstock of about 1 km lenght and a plant that returns used water to Rio Maurin, upstream of the confluence with the Rio Stroppia. The plant (average flow rate and maximum derivable respectively 0,187 m3/s and 1,200 m3/s) produces about 4 Gwh per year, thanks to a jump of 195 m and a capacity of 1,900 kW.

Finally, the conference and the meeting were a good occasion of exchange and proposal for the prosecution of the E2STORMED experience through further projects and collaborations among partners.

The E²STORMED Decision Support Tool (DST) in six different languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Greek) can be freely downloaded from the Results page, while the conference presentations are available here below:

1. Escuder Bueno – Overview of the E²STORMED Project

2. Wade, Perez-Navarro – The Marriage of Water and Energy

3. Rosso – Smart energy production in Turin

4. Peris, Andres-Domenech, Penalvo-Lopez – Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), a success story in Benaguasil

5. Morales Torres – Overview of the E²STORMED Decision Support Tool

6. Xuereb – Using the Decision Support Tool in Ħaż-Żabbar, Malta

7. Kuspilic – Decision Support Tool Application in Zagreb

8. Radunovic, Valls – Decision Support Tool Application in Cetinje

9. Redini – Reducing the energy component of drainage in Pisa

10. Disseminating the messages from E2STORMED. An experience from Hersonissos