E²STORMED presented at World Water Congress, EICC Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


In the week of 25-29 May 2015 the IWRA World Water Congress was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Scotland, UK. The conference theme was: Global Water, a resource for development: Opportunities, challenges and constraints.

E2Stormed partners from Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and Abertay University (Dundee, Scotland) attended the Congress and presented 2 papers and 3 posters representing different aspects of the E2Stormed project.

On Tuesday 26th May, Neil Berwick from Abertay presented an oral presentation entitled: Incorporating Suds Maintenance Costing in a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable and Energy Efficient Urban Stormwater Management (co-authored with Adrian Morales Torres).

On Wednesday May 27th, Rebecca Wade from Abertay presented an oral presentation entitled: Translating Research Into Practice: Developing Transitioning Tools for Urban Stormwater Management in Mediterranean Cities (co-authored with;  Ignacio Andrés-Doménech, Ignacio Escuder-Bueno, Sara Perales-Momparler & Adrian Morales-Torres).

In addition to the oral presentations E2Stormed was well represented in the interactive electronic posters presented at the conference.

David Alfonso, Elisa Peñalvo, Ángel Pérez-Navarro & Iván Valencia (UPV) prepared and presented a poster entitled: Energy Efficiency Effects of Green Roofs in Buildings. An Experimental Assessment for Mediterranean Areas.

Alison Duffy (Abertay) and Sara Perales (UPV) prepared and presented a poster entitled: A New Manual to Inspire and Guide Transitions Towards Energy Efficient Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions in Mediterranean Countries.

Alison Duffy (Abertay) and Stella Apostolaki (representing Hersonissos, Greece) prepared and presented a poster entitled: Multi-Criteria Analysis to Support Rainwater Harvesting Initiatives in Crete and Croatia.

Additional papers and poster related to E2Stormed agendas were also presented by the Abertay team, these related to: source control SUDS; SUDS whole-life costs and benefits; Ecosystem services linked to SUDS; pollution control monitoring for a novel SUDS tree pit; 20 years of SUDS in Scotland; Understanding water sector links to support decision-making.

The E2Stormed Decision Support Tool can be downloaded at: www.e2stormed.eu/results/

World Water Congress Information and abstracts can be found at: http://worldwatercongress.com/

Information about Urban Water Technology Centre (Abertay): http://uwtc.abertay.ac.uk/

Information about UPV (Spain): Water: http://www.iiama.upv.es/iiama/; Energy: http://iie.webs.upv.es/inicio