Final RWGEE in Cetinje – Presentation of E²STORMED results

The sixth meeting of the RWGEE in Cetinje (MNE) was held on May 13th in the presence of Deputy Mayor for utilities, media representatives, citizens, EU managers and University professors who are working on issues related to water and sewerage. Also, in addition to RWGEE members from the local and regional departments, more employees from some departments were present.

At the beginning of the meeting, a pilot committee member explained to the audience what is the main purpose of the project and he described what objectives and benefits we would be expecting for Cetinje. After short discussion with the present people, official part of the presentation was announced.

External expert from Planifica company presented the new proposals and final DST results and how to use that tool. The new proposals focused on a more comprehensive approach to the problem of the city water supply, addressing the floods in the same time, and all through two case studies in accordance with the requirements of the project.

The meeting caused many reactions and it was possible to hear different observations by RWGEE members, present guests and local officials. Some possibilities that could lead to the application of the proposed solutions were discussed. It was concluded that the final results of the case studies, should be used to start changing the plans in the city that were already adopted and which currently restrict the construction of facilities that are proposed by E2STORMED project. Expert from Planifica answered to many questions, explaining in the same time different SuDS solutions.

Some concerns were expressed about the reliability of the shown results and in regard to the price range for conventional solution given by the Planifica expert during the explanations of the case studies. Nevertheless, it was concluded that the final report of analyses with DST should serve as a basis for Cetinje’s applying for EU funds in order to complete detailed geology examinations on field, which is a prerequisite for successful implementation of E2STORMED and other similar projects.

Each of the present experts from University, as well as workers from local and regional departments showed a great interest and asked about DST and about the whole documentation in regard to E2STORMED project. All of them showed enthusiasm about the SuDS solutions which were offered during the presentation, and concluded that we should adopt new plans in the near future, and including these solutions.

Finally, the work of Planifica experts was again praised by some of the members of RWGEE, and it was pointed out that this is one of the most important projects that could lead to major changes for the future sustainable development of the Cetinje.