Municipality of Benaguasil (Spain) – Pilot City

SURFACE: 25.4 km2
POPULATION DENSITY: 449.8 inhab/km2

Sited in the province of Valencia (Spain), Benaguasil is located on the left bank side of the Turia River, that further down arrives to the municipality of Valencia, encountering the Mediterranean. The proximity of the sea sets a Mediterranean-type climate, characterized by dry summers with mild maritime influence and high erratic rainfall.
From ancient times, this small size municipality (11,425 inhabitants) has appreciated the value of water, being precious for its agricultural based economy. More recently, new technology has been applied to minimize the water used for irrigation, but the quality of the river water, mainly after big storms, is a concern for the Municipality of Benaguasil.
Benaguasil is in a continuous evolution process, adapting to a changing environment with the improvement of its infrastructure and public and social equipment, and providing a better quality of life to its neighbours. This municipality is a reference for the region, in part due to the fact that E2STORMED is the third European Commission funded project this municipality participates at.