Old Royal Capital Cetinje (Montenegro) – Pilot city

• Geographic position
Cetinje is situated in the South-east Europe at 42° 23′ 27” of northern geographic latitude and 18° 55′ 45” of east geographic length. It is situated in the karst field (Cetinje field), of about 7 km2, with average height above sea level of 671 m. It is 12 km of airline far from Adriatic Sea and 15 km far from Skadar Lake. Now, it is on the main road Podgorica-Cetinje-Budva, which makes it open to the inside of Montenegro and Montenegrin coast. Cetinje is 29 km far from the airport in Podgorica, 49 km far from the airport in Tivat and 67 km far from the port in Bar.
• Natural characteristics
Cetinje field was formed in the east karst-continental foothill of the mountain Lovcen, which highest peaks are Stirovnik (1749 m) and Jezerski vrh (1660 m) where mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos was built. From all sides, defoliated limestone slopes close view. Extremely karst field conditioned forming a couple of caves. Their channels length, number of rooms and halls and cave decorations make them very attractive, especially Cetinjska by the town and Lipska near it.
• Climate
Cetinje has middling continental climate, with dry and warm summers, temperature of approximately 20° C, and mild and wet winters with temperature of approximately 2.1° C. Average temperature on the yearly basis is about 11° C, with yearly amplitude of 20,1° C. Cetinje is well known by plentiful precipitations during spring and autumn, and it is one of the rainiest towns in Europe with about 4,000 mm of water sediment on the yearly basis. Even beside enormous precipitations, Cetinje field and its surrounding do not have water flows on the surface and it has rare water sources. This is the consequence of karst configuration and geologic structure.
• Territory and population
Municipality of Cetinje encompasses area of 910 km2, or 6.6% of the total area of Montenegro (13,812 km2). The town itself occupies area of approximately 5 km2. According to the census of 2011, in the municipality of Cetinje live 16,757 inhabitants, which makes 2.67% of the total population of Montenegro. In the town of Cetinje, there are 13,991 inhabitants. In terms of ethnic, 90% of populations are Montenegrins.