Grana and Maira Valleys Mountain Community (Italy)

  • Grana and Maira Valleys Mountain Community (Italy)
    Dott. Piergiorgio Aimar
    Project manager
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PP2 - Project manager The Grana and Maira Valleys Mountain Community includes the municipalities of Acceglio, Busca, Canosio, Cartignano, Celle Macra, Dronero, Elva, Macra, Marmora, Prazzo, Roccabruna, San Damiano Macra, Stroppo, Villar San Costanzo in the Maira Valley and the municipalities of Caraglio, Bernezzo, Montemale, Valgrana, Monterosso Grana, Pradleves and Castelmagno in the Grana valley.
The governing bodies are the “Consiglio”, the “Giunta” and the President, consisting of Mayors or Councillors of the participating municipalities. The Mountain Community promotes the economic development of the territory and the social and cultural progress of the residing population, enhancing the diversity and excellence, contributing to soil conservation and environment protection, promoting the associated management of functions and services, ensuring the maintenance of essential services in its territory in collaboration with other local authorities at different level.


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