Special Technical meeting in Hersonissos

E2STORMED Open Days offer a good occasion of knowledge and experiences exchange among partners about water management issues.

The Hersonissos team discussing proposed sites

The Hersonissos meeting was no exception. In this case, a Special Technical Meeting took place some days before the Open Day, to coach the Hersonissos’ Municipality team to gain insight into SuDS, to ensure transfer of knowledge from other countries and to evaluate the proposed case study sites. The water and sewerage department hosted the meeting, while many visits were made to a number of locations in Hersonissos.

Professor Chris Jefferies (University of Abertay Dundee) helped the Hersonissos team – composed by Manolis Kosmadakis (Municipal Water Company, Hersonissos), Maria Ladaki (representing ETAM S.A.), Maria Symeonidou-Sideris and Manos Michelekakis (Municipality of Hersonissos) – to consider the specificities of three different sites initially considered to be appropriate as E2STORMED case study sites.

The sites were the following:

1. Green roof on the former town hall in Malia, together with permeable paving in parking areas.  The benefits would be reduced energy consumption for temperature control; reduced water consumption; and, potentially, reduced localised flooding. It was decided that the green roof was a good candidate site but that the permeable paving element was not appropriate both because of the small area available and its steepness.

Malia old town hall
Roof on Malia old town hall

2. Improving the surface water drainage for Gournes Hamlet.  This is a small existing village which has no formal sewerage or surface water drainage although foul sewers are to be installed within three years. The proposal is for at least one detention basin in olive groves surrounding and lower than the houses.  The benefits would be reduced local flooding both in the village and alongside local streams and additional water available for irrigation locally.

Street in Gournes which suffers from flooding
Potential location of detention basin

3. A site in the settlement of Kokkini Hani was at first considered appropriate, but no SuDs solution could be foreseen for the site and it was dropped.